Intelligent multi-
function control
No drain water pipe
24-hour timer
Plasma/ionizor filter(optional)
UV sterilizer filter(optional)
Energy Class A
Various color is available
(champagne / white gray / drak gray)

  The protable conditioner can be installed in two ways. Ony way is to be installed the exhaust pipe in the window.The other is in the wall.and both ways are very easy to install. There are detailed explanation in the user's manual.
*Tested by SGS according to the test specification of EN 14511-1/2/3/4:2004.test condition:Single duct,application rating conditions:D.B.temperature:27≧ W.B.temperature:19≧
Remarks:Design&specifications are subject to change without prior notice for further improvement.
Tested report download: MLA25C-7DUFP MLA32C-7DUFP Portable catalogue: Download

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